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Use code: Welcome21 for 15% off your order!!
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The Journey

Velvet Krush exists for the ever-evolving, chic female ready to conquer her world!

My grandmother, Minnie, was an expert and creative seamstress. She owned a dry cleaner and alteration services business that is flourishing today in Baytown, Texas, and still family owned. Looking back on my childhood, I was constantly surrounded by all types of clothing from all different walks of life. Vibrant and rich fabrics, ribbons, beading, and exquisite trimmings were always part of our decor. There was constantly a garment being designed, constructed, altered, or laundered. My most vivid memory happened on my 5th birthday. Minnie had designed and sewn a

few dresses, from scratch, for me to play “dress up”. One particular dress had a strappy top in all white sequins, with a plum purple silk skirt that draped

perfectly to the floor. I know that I wore it until I, literally, could not breathe in it anymore, but “Pretty Hurts”, according to Beyonce!  

I am amazed at how many of my life’s adventures have involved clothing and fashion, which prepared me to take of this journey of Velvet Krush! Fashion is in my blood! I worked all types of customer service jobs in high school, competed and judged

in the pageant industry, worked with Sherri Hill Inc. throughout college, graduated with a Fashion Merchandise degree from Texas State University (Go Bobcats!) and landed my first job in the corporate retail world with Stage Stores Corporate Office.

Then COVID happened. Stage Corp. shut down and I found myself looking for a new direction in life. I realized that over the years, I had gone from site to site trying to either find the perfect piece or a better price. You could say I have had an extensive amount of preparation time, learning, pondering, and buying.

NOW Velvet Krush is born!

VK commits to provide outstanding customer service, fair pricing, and superior quality. We strive to have the trendiest items available, at prices that you can afford! Our goal is to help you create the chicest looks for any time of the day;

Look no further!